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Sail and Power Boating, Port Clinton, Ohio

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Port Clinton Squadron (PCPS) Information

Where are we: 50 miles East of Toledo and 70 miles West of Cleveland, Ohio

Map showing Port Clinton

Where do we meet: At the Port Clinton Yacht Club and Local restaurants. We do not have our own Facility

When do we meet: The Second Thursday of every month except June thru August.

Are Visitors welcome? Yes! Check the Member Info page to find the next meeting and how to make a reservation.


Squadron History

The Port Clinton Power Squadron was formed in 1955 as a spin off of the Sandusky Power Squadron. The Squadron celebrated it's 60th anniversary in December of 2015. Our Bylaws are rooted in those of the United States Power Squadrons (USPS). Therefore, our purposes and goals are the same as USPS; conduct public Safe Boating Courses twice a year, along with other boating courses as they are needed. The Squadron works closely with our local government and law enforcement agencies to further safe boating practices in our waters.

We are part of USPS District 29 that encompasses an area from Sandusky to Fort Wayne and south to Columbus and includes seven other squadrons. To keep in touch with members at the district and national levels, we have two conferences yearly and four council meetings at staggered locations so each squadron gets to play host once every four years. These meetings serve the USPS directive of getting together frequently to compare notes, solve problems, change officers and have some fun. The conferences include receptions, parties and family activities as well as informational meetings for all members.

The PCPS meets every second Thursday of each month from September through May. The summer months are reserved for practicing our boating skills on Lake Erie and participating in planned boating rendezvous. PCPS has an annual auction in June that is our only fund raiser. Area Merchants donate goods and services to support the squadron. PCPS publishes a monthly newsletter, The Bowline, from August thru May that highlights member activities and provides a calendar of upcoming events. Our Executive Committee, plus any active committees needing directives, meets the second Thursday of each month. These meetings are open to all Squadron members.

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